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Cambridge, the city of knowledge!

Cambridge is the city of knowledge with magnificent colleges. The students searching for dreams, the ideologies, the cultivation of Knowledge. As many other mythic places, such as Oxford, Lund, Bologna and many other historical universities, these towns have a certain revolutionary feeling with it, where somewhere, in one of those many walls, a future brilliant mind will show up, be a minister, a scientist, a dreamer. It is very unique, but is highly motivational as well as motif of jealously. But moving on, was great to see the famous Newton's apple tree. Or just having a beer at the Eagle pub, where Watson and Crick once came up with the idea of DNA's double-helix structure.

What can we say about the city that developed some of the best brilliant minds of this world? If wasn't for that, the city itself would also be lovely to visit. Colleges that makes you dream into a fantasy world, the putting in the canal, observing their students practicing rowing early in the morning, and the fantastic museums of science and history.

Walk through the tiny streets, find their interesting pubs and experience their beer pints.


Tips: As in all UK, take in consideration the weather. In winter time it will be humid and cold, so consider some extra layers. In summer time, well, you should consider at least a rainy coat. Umbrella is a must.

Length of the visit: Depending how many colleges you want to visit, it may change the time of your stay. I would recommend a couple of the most important ones (check the opening times beforehand). If you have time, visit surrounding towns and mostly Ely cathedral. You may recognize the facade from a Pink Floyd album...

Quick Tips:

1- Make sure you get a power adapter for your time in UK. Don't take the risk since convenience stores will sell you bad ones for high prices.

2- Fly low Cost in Europe. If London is just part of your trip, look at low cost flight companies and explore Europe. Companies like Vueling are great for european flights but they normally have extra costs for luggage, so make sure your confirm the final costs.


That is all and thank you for reading. Let us know if we can be of any help. Also, sign up for our monthly features and alerts about new posts and tips.


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