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Drones made cheap, turned cool

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Not that new anymore, but definitely one of those gadgets that we all look at with a deep desire of taking the credit card out of the wallet. Well, for those who use wallets.

For a while I kept looking into them, in fact almost got a GoPro drone few months after released, and slightly before this video was done (and was done long before this post).

Although DJI has taken the market on drones, and personally on action cameras too, there prices are incredibly high.

But that does that mean you can’t have fun without spending a month or more or you rent in a toy that flies and has a camera?

There has been an enormous amount of low budget drones released to the market. Some worth it, some just good if you want to get away with a cheap murder. Your call on that!

Surprisingly, I got a Holy Stone HS700 as Christmas present. It is a decent beginners drone that is a great starter for those looking to trim the branches of those trees, or crash against the neighbor’s head.

Meanwhile, when you get your hands on the videos, you find two things: a terrible image quality and even the app is awful. /

So, I decided to make some changes, which means switch the camera to my own GroPro 7.

Holy Stone provides you a GoPro holder adapter but is completely useless, unless you plan to use a GoPro 3 or so.


So, some drilling, some pull and push, and here is the final result.

If you need details help shoot me an email, will be very happy to help you out.

Meanwhile, have fun piloting and make sure you don’t crash against anyone’s head.

And depending where you leave, get a license.

Have fun and keep in touch.

Permanent Passport

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