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Updated: Jan 5, 2019

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Seven Psychopaths (2012), A Lot Like Love (2005) and The Big Year (2011) are just recent examples, but Joshua Tree is so much more than great movies.

For years I always pictured deserts to be like this one, even though there are so many other deserts around the world. But somehow, We grew up with the idea of Joshua Tree being a "must go one day" kind of thing. And it finally happened.

End of November, still incredibly hot, this amazing trip happened with the best company.

Even though it was during Thanksgiving weekend, the park was packed with tourists and camping without previous booking became a problem. So be ahead of the game and book your camping if you intend to experience the night clear skies.

The Mojave and Colorado ecosystems merge forming together the Joshua Tree national Park. Wilde life, variety of plants and the land sculpted by nature. All of it and this desert main icon is a twisted weird spiky tree named Yucca brevifolia, or as commonly known as Joshua Tree. You can find so many interesting things about the park that i wouldn't do a better. Check the National Park Service webpage and you'll be amazed.

There are probably tons of "what to do websites" with their favorite places to visit in a short time frame, but here are our favorite:

1- Hidden Valley

2- Arch Rock

3- Cholla Cactus Garden

4- Skull Rock

5- Split Rock

You will find several stops along the way. Prepare yourself properly with plenty of water and if adventure is part of your of traveling style, get some good grip shoes so you can walk and climb the rocks.

I'll leave you with some suggestions if you want to invest in comfort and optimal utility for hiking shoes: Arc'teryx . For more affordable budget you can always try some deals on amazon.

Remember that temperature variations are like in the movies. Expect cold nights and in case of camping make sure you have all you need.

Is also an awesome place to have a fire. We would recommend to get some wood before entering the park and follow all the proper preparations to avoid any issues with fire.

Enjoy and share with us your experiences.

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