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From London, with love

London is a catching city: dreams, charm and rain. What else is left to say?

How many of us have seen movies, videos or about London while picturing what would be to be in that local so you can see it with your own eyes? I have done it so many times with London that it became one habit. Loose your imagination and let yourself fly to Sherlock Holmes stories, the 007 missions or just by watching the parliament discussions. It is easy, isn't it?

London isn't the cleanest city, and nowadays, unfortunately, the police presence is so elevated for security that makes it feel intimidating. However better safe...

A city with a touch of melancholia mixed with rage. The pubs packet at afterwork hours, the traditional looking cabs, a cold and rainy perspective of one of the biggest cities in the world. Through a raw view of the city, or part of it, we noticed not only its beautiful architecture and street art, but also the amount of homeless people that, unfortunately, their life went in a different path.

“Isn't it weird that in such big city, people seems so lonely?”

Check more photos in here:

London is unique and special. But it leave us with a nostalgic feeling even when you visit it for the first time. Maybe is the outcome of the years and years of movies, news, cartoons and books. Is like visiting a place for the first time, while knowing it all about it already.


Have a great day. Cheers to all.

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