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Once upon a time in Milos

Did you ever imagine yourself in a movie? Like living a romantic dream, with a person you love, in a magic Greek island, with no one to disturb you ?

You can always dream it. You can always attempt to live it, but only when you find that magical place, with the right person by your side.

We have talked about our experience in Santorini - Greece, with its perfect beauty and noisy tourism. But in this post we want to share with you a magical Greek island that most people have never heard about: Milos.

Milos is a volcanic island in the Aegean Sea, just north of the Sea of Crete. Milos is the southwestern most island in the Cyclades group. The Venus de Milo and the Asclepius of Milos were both found on the island, as were a Poseidon and an archaic Apollo now in Athens.


The isolation feeling is something unique. Great food, great people and cats! Lots of cats.

We decided to stay in this beautiful BnB, a small fisherman house by the water. Nothing could be as perfect as being on your own beach with nobody around just enjoying the sun.

To be fair the weather wasn't the best, especially after the first ever storm in the region, named Zorba. But that didn't damage the experience.

The island is very remote, and transportation is something like none. We rented a car in the airport and, besides all the expectations, the rental car company only had one car available. So be aware of that. Most of the rental cars are in nearby towns, so prepare to wait for them if you need.

Adamantas & Pollonia

The two main towns are very cozy and you can find everything you need. That being said, you will find true Greek food as expected, and you will be surprised how much tastier food is compared to what you find everywhere else.


This was our favorite part of Greece, and we can't wait to come back. Check some of the photos here.

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