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The common struggle

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

It is not assumed as standard by first, but it is a normal issue when we come to the moment. Planing is tough!

This is our first post and definitely the one we want to be the most relevant to catch your attention. Yes, we know that it seems cheesy and the main goal of all bloggers, but here we are.

“You can pack everything in you bags, but unless you have dreams to turn into reality, your travels will always be empty.” Permanent Passport

Life planning

Traveling is for sure one of the most pleasurable things in life. But, with all the fun, enthusiasm, excitation and memories, is also a very rough life style. The long hours traveling, bad sleeping nights, situations you can't plan and, most of all, economic perspective... So we hope with our experiences shared we can help others travel, live this adventure and, if possible, get your feedback once in a while. We hope we catch your attention and company through our journey.

First Travel Tip: plan all the time for as long as you can. That will keep your travel from a will to a reality.

A lot of us tend to say: "I would like to visit Rome". But who actually passes from dreaming and wishing to a real travel?

If you buy a travel book, if you start looking at flights costs, asking friends for advise... All of that will make it real.

Second Travel Tip: Prepare yourself for the cultural shock! It is nice to visit architecture, observe landscapes, even try the food. But 90% of your travel will be about reaching locations, and you will be interacting with people, acting in the moment. Everything is pretty nice and strange for the first moments, but there will be a shock, and some people don't react well. Imagine you love landscaping but somehow you have to travel through stressful traffic cities? Or you love museums, but you experience long lines? If you don't count with those moments, you won't enjoy as you should.

So, read about the country culture and lifestyle before the big travel day.

Third Travel Tip: Lower your expectations about the popular spots. Every single time you visit a specific popular spot, there will be everything else you don't see in photos or films. That will make it easier to appreciate.

Hope to see you around.

Permanent Passport

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