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the last shepherd's corner

Mazes, Lamego - Portugal


Once upon a time, few centuries ago, a town's population vanished.

As many other small mountain towns across the world "Aldeia da Anta - Mazes", in Lamego - Portugal, dried out of habitants, as result of years of migrants looking for better lives.

This has been a ghost town for many years and is currently a hiking destination of the region.

Mazes is a village part of the parish of Lazarim, municipality of Lamego, district of Viseu. It is located in the ancient region of Alto Douro, curiously being below the Douro River, and has as its most important neighboring cities the county seat and the city of the neighboring municipality of Tarouca. About 935 meters high, in the center of Montemuro mountain, the cold wind leaves its mark in your expressions.

There is no registry from their origins, or when they have become inhabited, but its great preservation makes this little village a great experience.

You can find all the color photos in here: Mazes

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