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Vermont first snow adventure of the season

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

Winter has arrived, and with it a slightly earlier snow. This was a great weekend for our first snowboarding trip and we couldn't be happier with it. Fall barely existed for us, leaving the feeling that we drop from summer to winter weather. Long summers are amazing to live but we can't deny that the transition from bright and warm to short and cozy pijama days do require more than one week of announcements.

Since we are in the subject, what about doing something nice for the planet? Get some cool reusable shopping bags, help the environment and avoid plastic bags. #Globalwarming

Winter trees and snow
Snow garden in Upstate New York

Meanwhile, with first snow fall comes trips to white mountains. Several hours on the road, a stop for Thanksgiving turkey, moderate cold wine, and we reached Vermont, one of the most beautiful and underrated states of USA.

Challenges of driving in very cold and icy conditions passed and the first snow was right there waiting for #snowboarding and... falls.

As beautiful as people tend to describe, when it comes to describe anything in blogs, here it is a small video of the day.

Many more Okemo and other Vermont adventures will happen during this next weekend, with a Colorado visit in between just to keep you around waiting for it.

Feel free to share our posts, follow current adventures in social media. Also make sure you shop our top customer rated Arcteryx favourites at, since Christmas is right around the corner and prepare for winter adventures.

Cheers to all.

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